December 2008

6AM: 1 oz whipped cream cheese
8:30AM: ground beef & sausage mix, cappo
10:30AM: green tea WITHOUT Splenda
1:30PM: 5 chicken wings, 1 Tbsp butter, 1 stalk celery
3:30PM: ground beef & sausage mix, 1/2 red raw capsicum, 2 oz walnuts, coconut mcnugget
5:30PM: 1 glass champagne – Happy New Year!
7PM: grilled beef fillet, roasted veggies, 2 glasses red wine, Blue & cheddar cheese w/5 water crackers

No clue on carbs or calories and frankly, didn’t care at the time and refuse to feel poorly about it. It is what it is.

Another very HUNGRY day. Due to swimming or getting the Splenda out of my system? We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Felt a bit out of control with hunger this afternoon but decided to listen to it and just eat until I wasn’t hungry.

20 laps

I need something to be enthused about….boxing? yoga? kettlebells? I need to try something else – some new fitness ‘thing’. Something to get my engine roared up again. I remember when I was first learning to swim – about 2 years ago I couldn’t put my face in the water without panic. Now I can swim properly (no Ester Williams style swimming from this chick!) and 60 laps is no problem. I’m still not a fast swimmer and I could certainly be more proficient at it, and although I like swimming, it doesn’t enthuse me like it used to. I need to find a mission – a passion – something to push myself toward – some accomplishment but what is it? Or maybe it’s just time to get back into the ocean with my surf mat. The tourists will be gone in about 4 weeks……roll on the end of touro season! Leave your money and scidaddle!


7AM: ground beef, 1 TBSP mayo
8:30AM: Cappo
10:30AM: Coconut McNugget, green tea
1PM: ground beef w/ hot sauce, steak, 1/2 raw red capsicum, chai tea w/1 TBSP cream, Coconut McNugget
5PM: HUNGRY AGAIN! Kipper snack, 1 baybell 20gm cheese
7:30PM: salad of lettuce, cherry tomato, dressing; grilled pork steak, blue & cheddar cheese, 3 water crackers, 2 glasses white wine

Exercise: beach walk

OK, what is going on here with my hunger the last few days? I’m looking back at my records and LOW AND BEHOLD, what do I discover? I started having hunger, mainly in the afternoons, when I stopped my sweet-free challenge. For most of November and all of December, I was not using Splenda. Once Christmas came and the challenge was over, and I hadn’t lost any weight from giving up the Splenda, I decided to start using it again. Why not, I thought to myself.

Well, here’s why not…..I’ve used it for about 5 days now, only 3-4 tablets total per day in my herbal tea. However, in the last 5 days, I have had the return of hunger AND the return of mild heartburn, not to mention swollen feet. Coincidence or causation? I’m thinking it’s causation. Splenda is back OFF my planet as of right now. I’d rather have a little less sweetness in my tea than have this fight with hunger and heartburn every afternoon. And who knows….maybe it’s the cause of my swollen feet even. Guess I’d better email my sister and tell her NOT to send the care package of Crystal Light to me. 🙂

6AM: 2 oz steak
8AM: fresh squeezed beet root, celery & carrot juice – medium (about 8 ounces) in town at a Deli
9AM: 4 oz ground beef, coconut mcnugget, cappo
10:30AM: Coconut McNugget – VERY hungry. Seems like when I swim, I’m hungry all day. Plus, I had that fresh beet root/celery juice in town this morning after my workout and the carbs in that may be triggering hunger pains. Think today might be an up day on calories/carbs.
12:30PM: herbal tea
1:30PM: 4 oz steak & 2 cups roasted cauliflower w/1T olive oil
3:30PM: Coconut McNugget Physically hungry. Stomach GROWWWWLING! Carbs are used up for the day so turned to Fat.
7:30PM: Finally, with that last Coconut McNugget at 3:30, the hunger was brought under control. 1 serving naked sausages & 2 eggs, herbal tea

Carbs: 33-9=24 ECC/7%
Calories: 1700

Exercise: Swimming-38 laps. Felt good to be back in the pool after a couple months of being away. I’m surprised at how much conditioning I feel like I’ve lost. Really felt it in my abdominal area. Perhaps my lack of swimming has contributed to the increase in waist measurement I’ve had over the last couple months.

Not sure it was worth it to have the fresh squeezed veggie juice. I usually have it only when I go to the hairdresser as a ‘treat’. The thing is, it used up half of my carb allotment for the day and so I feel a bit dissatisfied with my 7:30 meal. I could have added a salad, which wouldn’t have added many carbs, but it’s raining and I was too lazy to go out to the garden and pick a head of lettuce. I’m not hungry though so that’s the main thing.

6AM: Baybell cheese-20 gm
8AM: 2 scrambled eggs w/zucchini, spring onion & 1 oz feta cheese (YUM!), cappo
10AM: green tea
1:30PM: Baked chicken (approx 3 oz), raw red capsicum, coconut mcnugget
4PM: small can tuna in olive oil
7:30PM: grilled steak (approx 6 oz), lettuce-2 cups, Paul Newman dressing, fried zucchini

Carbs: 31-10= 21 Net carbs
Protein: 107gms
Calories: approx 1500

Dang, it’s hot today. It’s been hotter – but there is absolutely no sea breeze today to relieve the humidity.

Exercise: yogalates x 15 minutes. I really don’t like this form of exercise and I’ve decided I’m not going to do it anymore. 🙂 Just because I CAN and just because I have 2 DVDs & a book on the technique does not mean I need to keep doing it if I don’t like doing it. I’m over it. I just don’t think I get a good workout from it. It feels like a waste of time. I’m going to give my DVDs away or donate them to the library.

I did restart The Five Tibetan routine this morning. I’m going to do week 3 again-maybe go every other day rather than daily. Now this is a routine I really enjoy but it’s very hard on my wrists so I’m taking it slow and easy to develop strength and hopefully prevent injury. It’s the downward/upward dog/plank that causes me problems.

We did a quick trip to town so I stopped off at the gym and did a Slow Burn routine with some stretching and ab work thrown in for good measure. A beach walk this afternoon at low tide will finish off my movement for the day! It feels good to MOVE.

7AM: 2 1/2 oz grilled salmon, coconut mcnugget, cappo
12PM: 3 oz steak, 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 TBSP mayo, 1 raw red capsicum, herbal tea
4PM: Coconut Mcnugget, green tea
7PM: 1/3 roasted chicken, 1 cup roasted pumpkin

Carbs: 23-5=18 ECC (7%)
Calories: 1250 – a little low but I’m listening to my hunger and eating accordingly.

Yogalates x 30 minutes
Slow Burn (can’t wait to get my book!)

I am thoroughly enjoying my new Kelly Howell (Theatre of the Mind) meditations. I purchased 3 of them – slimming, healing & a mind/law of attraction one. I have been doing the healing one daily and the other two as I can fit them in. I can’t tell you how much more centered and peaceful I feel. Also, I think it’s helped me be more motivated and less inclined to procrastinate. I actually did yogalates today AND applied for a job!

I’ll be weighing, measuring and taking pictures on Wednesday. Although I’m still retaining fluid, and don’t know why, I am looking forward to Wednesday. I must remember my new motto though….”it is what it is” so that I don’t set myself up with high expectations and then feel disappointed. This way of eating is not a diet for me, although I still want to remove more fat. This is a lifestyle. I may need to make slight adjustments over time to maximize health but that is part of life.

My insomnia is getting a little better. I’ve actually been sleeping until about 4 or 4:30. What has changed? Well, I did an EFT session with a practitioner who is working to get her certification, I also put a drop of lavender oil on my thumb and do deep breathing as I’m falling to sleep, and I’ve started taking 500mg of magnesium at bedtime. Between the three of them, it seems to be helping.

Tonight I start my gratitude journal. It is part of my 2009 plan to each night record three things that I am grateful for. My life is great and I am so grateful.

Thanks for stopping by.

6AM: 2 oz grilled Salmon
8AM: herbal tea
9AM: Coconut McNugget & cappo
12:30PM: BBQ chicken – approx 6 oz
3PM: herbal tea
4PM: Coconut McNugget
7PM: Grilled steak, salad w/ dressing & feta cheese

Carbs: 13-3=10/3%

Back on track today. Dumped the chocolate cake and icing as I knew that Mr. W wouldn’t be eating it and I didn’t want the temptation. It felt good to be proactive on that front. Feet and ankles are swollen and have been off and on for about a week – not sure why as I don’t add salt to my foods.

Was a good day as far as food and cravings went. I was expecting a worse day based upon the chocolate and wine yesterday. Can’t wait to go workout tomorrow. Slow Burn….here I come. Maybe a good workout will help with the fluid retention? Not sure if you should drink more water if you’re retaining fluid….seems to me that was one thing to try but can’t remember for sure.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Yes, that’s me. Pissed as a fart and probably shouldn’t be blogging! 🙂 Oh well, it’s my blog and I’ll type if I want to, type if I want to, type if I want to….. (Is there a song in there?)

Anyway, I’ve had a lovely Christmas Day here in Australia.

We started the day with a long beach walk followed with contemplation of the fuzz in our navel on the rocks. Quite a few touro’s around – but who can blame them when this is the best place in the world? (They’ll be gone by the end of January and we’ll have our secluded beaches back – I can share until then as long as they don’t bring too many tents and umbies and kites).

Brekkie was 2 fried eggs & cheese (I passed on the pancakes although they smelled great!). Lunch started with raw oysters & prawns on the barbie with champagne, followed by grilled salmon, fresh garden salad and a FINE New Zealand Sauv Blanc. Alcohol really effects me quickly. Two glasses and I’m feeling quite tiddly.

Before heading down to the neighbors for afternoon drinkies (water for me), I had a few bites of chocolate, breaking my sweetfree challenge. This was Belgian chocolate that was given to us at Easter. I hadn’t had a piece of it since Easter. It was good – but not really GREAT. I think I prefer the non-sweet 85% Lindt chocolate actually. It truly tasted TOO sweet.

As lunch was late – nearly 3pm before we finished – I’m not sure if I’ll have the piece of low-sugar chocolate cake that I was planning to have or not. Whatever I decide, tomorrow it’s back on plan and no chocolate. I will probably have to increase my protein and fat for the next couple days to keep the cravings at bay, but that’s fine with me.

My way of eating is a lifestyle choice, as I’m sure your way of eating is YOUR lifestyle choice. We each have to make the decisions that work for us individually not collectively. I’m trying not to stand in judgement of others choices – and I think the same courtesy should be extended to everyone. We all arrive at decisions at different times and we don’t always arrive at the same place. Isn’t that one of the great things about life? I’m talking in general here – not necessarily food plans.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great holiday!

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