7AM- 2 HB eggs, 1 T mayo, 1T bacon pieces, 1 CO Bite, cappo
11AM-1 serving cottage cheese, herbal tea
12:30PM-2 cups green beans, 5 almonds, 1 CO bite, 1 vita-wheat cracker w/vegemite
4:30-celery & whipped cream cheese (1 T), 3 oz ground pork
5PM-herbal tea
7:30PM-5 chicken wings w/ hot sauce, salad of lettuce, tomato, Paul Newman dressing, feta cheese
1971 calories
69% fat
7% carb  (42 total, 15 fiber, 27 net)
24% protein
High calories today.  The large chicken wings put me over.  I was full after 3 of them, but kept eating.  I need to be more aware of this habit and work toward stopping it if I want long term success with my weight removal process.  I continue to struggle with mouth hunger – not physical hunger.  It’s been a lifelong problem as I rarely experience true hunger, especially when eating low-carb.