6:30:  Sausage and egg muffin, CO bite
10:  scrambled eggs, salmon, cappo
11:30:  vegetable juice (beet, carrot, celery)
2:30:  11 macadamia nuts, cappo
7:30:  6 oz grilled steak, salad of fresh garden lettuce, rocket (arugula for you Americans), mushroom & tomato, 1 & 1/2 glasses red wine, 1 oz blue cheese

Calories 1,722
Fat 104.3 54%
Carbohydrate 50 11%
Dietary Fiber 12.2
Protein 118.4 29%
Alcohol 16.0 7%

Tried a new recipe this morning that turned out very good.  5 eggs, 2 cups cooked ground pork, 1/2 cup shredded cheese, S&P to taste.  Pour into muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes at 180’C (approx 300’F I suppose).  Makes 6 muffins.  Delish!  Next time I’ll add some spices or herbs to it.  

Had desire to eat this afternoon but wasn’t hungry.  Resisted the desire.  Progress!
‘No sweets’ challenge is going fine.  Not that I was eating many sweets previously….4-6 Splenda per day and a LIndt 85% Chocolate square once a week and maybe a diet soda once a week plus the dusting of chocolate on my cappo each morning.  It’s not like I was a Frankenfood Fanatic or anything.  However, I’m glad I’m participating and if it gets me off the Splenda, I’ll be grateful.  I just don’t think daily use of Splenda is a good thing.  Again, that’s just where I am today.  I couldn’t have been there 6 months ago.  And, I’m not saying I’ll never have it.  But for now, I’m not having it and I’m doing just fine with it.