7:30AM- pork (2 oz) & egg (1) biscuit, CO bite
10:30AM- cappo
11:30AM – CO bite
12:30-2 cups green beans, 4 oz ground pork w/hot sauce, unsweetened tea
4PM – large raw red capsicum
7:30- 4 oz hamburger patty w/ 1 oz blue cheese wrapped in fresh garden coz (thanks to Dr. Eades for the idea), 1 cup roasted pumpkin

Calories: 1533
Fat 110 gms 64%
Carb 46 gms 11% (15 fiber)
Protein 93 gms 25%
Alcohol 0%

I pretty much eat the same things each week. This may turn into a very boring blog.

It amazes me how many carbs green beans have in them…17 carbs and 140 calories in 2 cups of green beans according to Fitday.

Low on water today. FInd it hard to get it all in when I don’t exercise. Will work on that.

Had moments of mouth hunger today but didn’t act on them. Did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help – it did. Drank water instead of eating. I know that diet is the largest contributor to weight removal NOT exercise. I just like food! I like to eat! That’s what got me here in the first place though so I must learn to NOT eat, even when I want to eat. Today I wanted to eat when not hungry because of stress. I was working on an order online that was not going well and it was frustrating. It was nice to name the emotion that was triggering me to want to eat. It was really nice to make the choice to NOT eat even though I wanted to. Each time I choose to NOT eat when I’m NOT hungry strengthens me for the next time.