7AM- 4 oz ground pork, 1Tbsp mayo
9AM- cappo, CO bite
10:30AM – herbal tea
1PM – roasted chicken (about 5 oz), CO bite, hot sauce, cucumber
3pm – cappo
7PM – Grilled chicken breast, salad of lettuce, rocket, tomato, mushroom, fresh basil & mozz cheese with olive oil/vinegar

Calories: 1761
Fat: 128 gm/66%
Carb: 22 gm/5 fiber/4%
Protein: 125gms/30%

H2O-1 & 1/2 L

Interesting find today….I have been taking about 6000mg of fish oil per day, off and on, over the last few months. After about 2 weeks of doing this (as far as I can remember at this point), I had a weird reaction to my forearms…sub-skin bleeding patches – just from friction or rubbing them or even from wearing a bracelet. The dermatologist called it petechia and ordered blood work. The only thing off on my blood work was my platelet aggregation rate was lower and also the number of platelets had dropped but not substantially. The doc said no worries, don’t be concerned. Basically, don’t be a hypochondriac.

Today I was reading online about Fish Oil dosing and one of the side effects of too much fish oil is increased bleeding. hmmmm…..this sounds like it might be related? I’ve decided to stop the Fish Oil for now and have blood work done in late January/February for my next appointment and in the meantime, it will be interesting to see if this sub-skin bleeding clears up or not. As far as the benefits of fish oil, I typically have 4-6 servings of fatty fish per week (tuna, salmon, kipper snacks) so it’s entirely possible that I’m getting TOO MUCH Omega-3, especially since I don’t consume processed foods/vegetable oils (other than 1 oz of Paul Newman salad dressing most days) – I’m probably quite low in Omega-6. I wonder how long it takes for levels to return to normal once you discontinue supplement usage? I wonder if TOO MUCH Omega-3 is bad for you and what the potential symptoms are?

It was probably at that same time that I started adding 2 TBSP of coconut oil to my diet daily. In order to figure this out – I’m staying on the CO for now but if the lack of fish oil doesn’t clear up the sub-skin bleeding, I will give up the CO and see if that could be causing it.

Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands……lol