7AM- 2 eggs scrambled in 1 TBSP butter with 50gm chicken slices & 2 TBSP whipped cream cheese, cappo
12PM – CO bite
1PM – 2 cups green beans, 1 serving cottage cheese, 1TBSP cashew butter, 20 gm baybell cheese
2:30PM- small can tuna in olive oil
5PM-espresso w/cream
7:30PM-6 oz steak grilled, garden salad w/ Paul Newman dressing, 1/2 zucchini fried in olive oil, 1 glass red wine

Calores: 1900
Fat: 133gm/61%
Carb: 46gm (12gm fiber) 9%
Protein: 115gm/24%
Alcohol: 15gm/6%

I’m over yesterday’s little hissy fit. Sometimes I just need to ‘spit the dummy’ as we say here in Australia! Today it’s off to do some fishing this afternoon. Well, Mr. W fishes and I sit in a chair and read or meditate or listen to podcasts. It’s a good life. Today I’m going to spend some time pondering my goals for 2009.

Quite a bit of cheese today. Unusual for me. Think it’s because I didn’t buy enough meat at the store yesterday. Will remedy that tomorrow when I go to town.

T5T – start of week 3. Have finally mastered the backward bend. Still struggling with the upward/downward dog as my wrists are weak. Continue to enjoy it.

email sent to my sisters today:

I wanna eat
but I’m not hungry.
I’ve already had lunch.
I am not hungry.
but, I wanna eat.
I’m not going to.
but, I wanna.
food is not a solution to a non-hungry problem.
i’ll go do something
distract myself
i’m not eating anything else
it’s a slippery slope
i’m not going to eat
but i wanna