6AM – 1 serving cottage cheese
7AM – cappo
10AM- 1 ryvita cracker w/1 TBSP peanut butter, CO bite
1PM-5 oz lean ground beef, 1 TBSP sour cream, 2 TBSP salsa
4PM-CO bite, baybell cheese (20 oz)
8PM- 4 oz grilled lamb chops, roasted sweet potato, asparagus & capsicum

calories: 1331
Fat: 81gms/55%
Carbs: 54gm (11 fiber)/15%
Protein: 94gm/30%
Alcohol: 0

Relatively low on calories & high on carbs today. I usually don’t go quite so high on my carbs.

Workout today was a rush! Prior to going into town, I was dragging my feet so did some EFT to try and overcome my malaise. Started with the Slow Burn strength training and finished up with a rip roaring 20 minute HIIT session on the treadmill. Was in and out of there in 50 minutes. After a few errands, I was home and doing the Five Tibetan routine – week 3. The Tibetan’s are hard on my wrists, but I am really enjoying learning them and hope that my wrists strengthen as I gradually increase to 21 repetitions.