6:30AM – 3 oz ground beef, 1 T mayo
8:30AM – cappo, CO bite
12:00PM – 11 macadamia nuts at theatre & 1L H2O
1PM – lunch at local Thai restaurant….chicken Tom Yum soup with Thai Beef Salad, sparkling mineral water
3:30PM – cappo
7PM – 3 small lamb chops, small zucchini & mushrooms sauted in butter

2L H2O

Calories: 1600
Fat: 120gm/68%
Carbs: net 16gm/5%
Protein: 98gm/27%
Alcohol: 0/0%

From an 2007 blog post of Fred Hahn….
A woman who weighs in at 140 pounds decides she wants to lose weight successfully.
She eats right and strength trains properly and loses 10 pounds of fat and gains 12 pounds of muscle.
Now what does she weigh?
Was she successful?

So, my question is….how do I find out muscle gain? How do I shift focus from the evil random number generator to a more positive way of measuring progress? hmmm? I mean, I know to take my measurements periodically, and I do. If you have tight clothing, you can tell a change by how your clothing fits (unless you’re like me and tend toward wearing baggy clothes). The gym has a fancy scale but even they say it’s not very accurate and they don’t offer the skin fat caliper measurement method. So, what’s a girl to do to find out how much muscle she has gained and how much fat she has lost? I’m still thinking that the scale needs to be tossed out the back door – but I do think that accountability needs to come into the equation at some point.