5AM – CO bite
8AM-4 oz ground beef, 1 Tbsp sour cream, 20gm baybell cheese, cappo
11AM – CO bite
1PM- Tuna & egg salad (2 eggs, 3 oz tuna, 1 T mayo, 1/2 stalk celery, 1 Tbsp onion)
3:30PM – espresso w/2oz heavy cream
6PM-2 oz chicken sausage
7:30PM- 6 oz broiled chicken breast, lemon & rosemary roasted pumpkin, sauted baby zucchini

Per Fitday tracking:
Calories: 1760
Fat: 134gm/67%
Carb: 27gm-4 fiber/6%
Protein: 112gm/27%

Lunch was rather unsatisfying. I find eggs really don’t satisfy me, yet they are a good, economical food source and I don’t mind them. I wanted to keep eating but I wasn’t hungry so I stopped. I think each time I stop eating when I’m NOT hungry helps me for the next time. It’s too easy, and too much of a habit to just eat because I want something in my mouth. Mr. W is making himself some muffins so I’ll wait and have a coffee with cream while he comsumes his blueberry muffins. Hopefully the cream in the coffee will satisfy me for the afternoon. And truly, if it doesn’t, I guess I don’t necessarily HAVE to be satisfied. Now, there’s a novel idea….lol…..let myself be unsatisfied.

Today was the launch of the new Body Balance class at the gym. I really enjoy the class but this routine is a bit more difficult than others. I won’t be surprised if I’m stiff tomorrow. I didn’t do my Five Tibetan’s today because we did several similar poses that are hard on my wrists. I find if I do too many ‘downward dogs’ and ‘planks’ that I have numbness in my hands and arms through-out the day, which I believe is an indication of overworking my abused hands/wrists.

I purchased a couple new guided meditation downloads from Kelly Howell – one on healing and another on weight removal. I like them. It fits in with my belief that there is a mind/body connection that needs to be addressed in order to have long term success with weight removal. Matter of fact, think I’ll go do one right now. That will take my mind off the irrational idea that I need something to eat – because once again – I know it’s not true hunger. I’m not hungry. I just like to eat and eating when not hungry is simply a bad habit that I have to continually be on guard against. It’s amazing that I’ve been on this journey for 18 months and still, I deal with wanting to eat when not hungry. I guess since I’ve done that for 35+ years, I really shouldn’t expect the DESIRE to be removed 100% of the time. Progress not perfection, right?

1 hour body balance
Slow Burn strength training (I’m absolutely loving this program. I sent for the book from Amazon so am anxious to read more about the program – so far I’ve just been doing it based upon what I can glean from online sources.