6AM: 4 oz chicken breast w/ 1 Tbsp mayo
8AM: cappo
12:30PM: 4 oz ground beef, 1 Tbsp oil oil, 1 & 1/2 cups roasted fresh cauliflower, 1 CO bite
4:30PM: 1 CO bite, 3 oz tuna
7:30PM: Homemade stir fry soup of: chicken broth, 1/4 cup coconut milk, snow peas, broccoli & red capsicum with red curry seasoning, 1 Tbsp cashew butter

Per Fitday:
Calories: 1630
Fat: 123gm/70%
Carbs: 31gm-11gm fiber/8%
Protein: 85gm/22%
Alcohol: 0gm/0%

The plan was to go to town today and buy groceries. We only buy fresh meat and don’t freeze it so it was rather important that we make it to town. However, we have had EXTREMELY high winds today and are surrounded by trees falling all over our property and the highway, so we made the decision to stay inside today (don’t want to have a widow-maker come down on us!). Needless to say, my protein is a bit low today. Hopefully the wind will die down overnight and we’ll be at the supermarket first thing in the morning. Then again, there are always eggs in the frig….

Here’s a tidbit from a past Kim Ball www.deliberatemovement.com blog: Every little thing that you change in your lifestyle can help you inch closer to a healthier body. And every little bit counts at this point. Remember, you’re not trying to maintain… you’re trying to create a large enough disturbance in your body so that it wants to let go of that fat. Now is not the time to just let things slide. Now is the time to be a bit more strict. Once you get down to an improved body composition, you can be a bit more lax.

The Five Tibetans – week 3