6AM: 2 eggs scrambled w/ 1T butter, 40gm whipped cream cheese, herbal tea
8:30AM: cappo
11AM: CO bite
1PM: fried minced lamb w/onion & mushroom (approx 6 oz), 1 medium cuke, herbal tea
5:30PM: 1 oz macadamia nut
8:30PM: Dinner at friends home….potential train wreck….. 2 bites brie cheese, 2 glasses wine, extremely small green salad, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves with rice & tomato sauce (ick!), grilled chicken (3 ounces?) and 4 thin potato slices. Passed on bread & dessert. Had taken a bottle of sparkling mineral water with me so that filled me up – also gave me an excuse that I was the designated driver so I could really SIP the wine and make those 2 glasses last over 4 hours.
11PM: baybell cheese (20gm)

I probably didn’t go over on calories or even go that high on carbs – even with eating the rice and potato.