7AM: 2 pork & egg muffins, herbal tea
9AM: cappo
11AM: Coconut McNugget, herbal tea
1PM: 3 small Chicken thighs, 1 oz chicken breast, spinach with dressing, 1 small slice brie, herbal tea
3PM: Coconut McNugget
5PM: 1 red raw capsicum (I am so hungry right now. Physical hunger. Stomach is rumbling. The capsicum didn’t satisfy. I think I need some protein but it will put me over my 1600 calories. Then again, Atkins does say not to worry about the calories – if you’re hungry, eat. I tried a meditation but that hasn’t stopped the hunger. I’m going to try to distract myself. I mean….hunger isn’t a bad thing – and I could just have some tuna or cheese to tide me over until dinner – but it’s also not a bad thing to just experience the hunger. It’s not like I’m going to die from being hungry. Maybe I’m just thirsty….I’ll try some water.)
7:30PM: Hamburger patty w/egg & cheese, salad of lettuce & tomato, 1 glass wine
9:30PM: 2 Tbsp cashew butter, 1 Tbsp Peanut butter (totally gave into cravings here and blew my calories out of the water for the day. What happened? Why did I give in to the compulsion to eat at this time of night when I NEVER eat after dinner? I’m not sure. I will give it more thought tomorrow. Tonight I’m headed for bed.)

Calories: 2300
Fat 174 gms/69%
Carb 40-14gms/6%
Protein 114/21%
Alcohol 15/5%