6:30AM: pork & egg muffin, 1 serving full fat cottage cheese
8:30AM: cappo
10AM: coconut mcnugget
12:30PM: 5 oz ground beef, 1 TBSP sour cream, 1 cup vegetable broth, 1 coconut mcnugget, 3 cherry tomatoes
3:30PM: small can tuna in olive oil
6PM: baybel cheese (20 gms)
7:30PM: 6 oz steak, salad w/ Paul Newman dressing, grilled zucchini, sauted mushrooms, 1 glass red wine

Calories: 1713
Fat 116gm/61%
Carb 24-6/5%
Protein 113gm/28%
Alcohol 16 gm/6%

A couple of you weighed in on my hunger and night time eating yesterday and I totally agree with you. I thought about it today and I think the reason I ate later at night was simply that I was hungry. Today, when I experienced hunger, I went ahead and ate something. I did take the time to determine whether it was mouth hunger or physical hunger first, but when I determined it was physical hunger, I ate. Thanks for your advise/suggestions. It really helps.

The only reason I really ‘report’ the calories is because I do record my food with fitday and it’s part of the report. I am trying to keep my calories between 1500-1600 average – only because I have experienced slow fat removal. However, today listening to Dr. Kal on Jimmy Moore’s podcast, he said that you should only reasonably expect to remove 0.5 pounds of fat per week. That’s more in keeping with my average so perhaps I don’t need to watch my calorie level so closely. Because of age/menopause/insulin resistance AND slow fat removal, I’ve resorted to decreasing my calories from 1800-2000 to my current level. That probably contributes to my more recent hunger.

Thanks for your support and interest!