6AM: 2 eggs scrambled in 1 TBSP butter, 1 oz smoked salmon, cappo
9AM: Coconut Mcnugget (pre workout)
11AM: 1 oz almonds (post workout), herbal tea
1PM: broccoli salad (broccoli, bacon, mayo, sunflower seeds, red onion)-about 1 & 1/2 cups
3PM: herbal tea
5:30PM: raw red capsicum
8PM: T-bone steak, 3 naked sausages

Calories: 1682
Fat: 115/62%
Carb: 35-11/8%
Protein: 121/30%

Answers to recent blog questions:

Harry, I think my night-time hunger was just an oddity due to not eating enough during the day. Rarely am I hungry once we ‘close the kitchen’. Oh, and the ‘coconut mcnugget’ is a coconut oil and seed mixture that I make in these mini tins. They contain about 1/4 tsp seeds, unsweetened coconut, unsweetened cocoa, tahini, pbutter or cashew butter and 1 TBSP coconut oil. Just a convenient way to increase my fat intake each day.

Miriam, my BMR is in the 1600 range so I try to keep to about that level – give or take 200 either way on average. I’ve been exercising a bit less rigorously lately but used to use the 1.55 X BMR. The only reason I’ve dropped my calories (previous up in the 2000 range) is that my weight loss/fat loss has been so incredibly slow (less than 0.5 pound average per week over the last year).

As you can see from my menu, there are no frankenfoods, basically clean, whole foods, not an overabundance of nuts or cheese and really, 2000 calories/20-40 carbs is not an unreasonable amount of food for a 210 pound body. I’ve tried upping the amount of food I eat and didn’t drop any weight, so I’m now trying decreasing it and I wanted to give it a proper trial period, which will last until the end of January. Ultimately though, my intention is not to count calories. I truly believe that once I reach maintenance, I shouldn’t have to be concerned with calories – just keeping my carbs low. I would like to release another 50 pounds though.

Erika & Miriam, I hear what you’re saying about not letting myself get to the VERY hungry stage. It’s certainly a balancing act and I always need to be aware of whether I’m physically hungry or just having mouth hunger. Thanks for pointing it out though – sometimes you need to hear things from other people!

Have a great holiday everyone.