6AM: Coconut McNugget (1 carbs)
8AM: minced bacon pieces, cappo (5 carbs)
10AM: herbal tea
11AM: Coconut McNugget (1 carbs)
1PM: BBQd chicken, broccoli salad, 1 tsp peanutbutter, herbal tea (10 carbs)
3PM: HUNGRY! Coconut McNugget (1 carb)
5PM: tuna in olive oil
7PM: 2 naked sausages, salad w/ dressing, 1 glass wine (8 carbs)

Carbs 26-8 = 18 NET carbs

I’ve been hungry all day! Actually had 3 TBSP of coconut oil today, which is unusual. Think it’s because I got off schedule by getting up and going to the store early to avoid Christmas shoppers so my schedule has been off all day.

I’m really working to keep the carbs LOW. I’m not interested at this point in working my way down to ZERO CARB (a dreaded couple words, so I’ve heard!) but I would like to continue keeping them as low as possible for one more month to see if I can shift some weight. The other change I’m making is to just track my carbs and eat to hunger, not worry about the calories or the macros or adding fat or subtracting fat. I’m going to do two things…..1) keep my net carbs below 20 and 2) eat when hungry until I’m full then stop. The key is to not eat without hunger though. My definition of very low carb will be less than 20 net carbs per day. One month. December 26 until Feb 1. About a 5 week trial. If that doesn’t generate fat loss, I don’t know what else to try. Until then, I’m not going to fret or focus excessively on what I’m eating.

Merry Christmas everyone! Tomorrow is an off plan lunch for me. I will be having a seafood lunch, wine (maybe even copious amounts) and a nice piece of low-sugar chocolate cake with cream. Breakfast and dinner will be on plan.