Yes, that’s me. Pissed as a fart and probably shouldn’t be blogging! 🙂 Oh well, it’s my blog and I’ll type if I want to, type if I want to, type if I want to….. (Is there a song in there?)

Anyway, I’ve had a lovely Christmas Day here in Australia.

We started the day with a long beach walk followed with contemplation of the fuzz in our navel on the rocks. Quite a few touro’s around – but who can blame them when this is the best place in the world? (They’ll be gone by the end of January and we’ll have our secluded beaches back – I can share until then as long as they don’t bring too many tents and umbies and kites).

Brekkie was 2 fried eggs & cheese (I passed on the pancakes although they smelled great!). Lunch started with raw oysters & prawns on the barbie with champagne, followed by grilled salmon, fresh garden salad and a FINE New Zealand Sauv Blanc. Alcohol really effects me quickly. Two glasses and I’m feeling quite tiddly.

Before heading down to the neighbors for afternoon drinkies (water for me), I had a few bites of chocolate, breaking my sweetfree challenge. This was Belgian chocolate that was given to us at Easter. I hadn’t had a piece of it since Easter. It was good – but not really GREAT. I think I prefer the non-sweet 85% Lindt chocolate actually. It truly tasted TOO sweet.

As lunch was late – nearly 3pm before we finished – I’m not sure if I’ll have the piece of low-sugar chocolate cake that I was planning to have or not. Whatever I decide, tomorrow it’s back on plan and no chocolate. I will probably have to increase my protein and fat for the next couple days to keep the cravings at bay, but that’s fine with me.

My way of eating is a lifestyle choice, as I’m sure your way of eating is YOUR lifestyle choice. We each have to make the decisions that work for us individually not collectively. I’m trying not to stand in judgement of others choices – and I think the same courtesy should be extended to everyone. We all arrive at decisions at different times and we don’t always arrive at the same place. Isn’t that one of the great things about life? I’m talking in general here – not necessarily food plans.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great holiday!