6AM: 2 oz grilled Salmon
8AM: herbal tea
9AM: Coconut McNugget & cappo
12:30PM: BBQ chicken – approx 6 oz
3PM: herbal tea
4PM: Coconut McNugget
7PM: Grilled steak, salad w/ dressing & feta cheese

Carbs: 13-3=10/3%

Back on track today. Dumped the chocolate cake and icing as I knew that Mr. W wouldn’t be eating it and I didn’t want the temptation. It felt good to be proactive on that front. Feet and ankles are swollen and have been off and on for about a week – not sure why as I don’t add salt to my foods.

Was a good day as far as food and cravings went. I was expecting a worse day based upon the chocolate and wine yesterday. Can’t wait to go workout tomorrow. Slow Burn….here I come. Maybe a good workout will help with the fluid retention? Not sure if you should drink more water if you’re retaining fluid….seems to me that was one thing to try but can’t remember for sure.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!