7AM: 2 1/2 oz grilled salmon, coconut mcnugget, cappo
12PM: 3 oz steak, 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 TBSP mayo, 1 raw red capsicum, herbal tea
4PM: Coconut Mcnugget, green tea
7PM: 1/3 roasted chicken, 1 cup roasted pumpkin

Carbs: 23-5=18 ECC (7%)
Calories: 1250 – a little low but I’m listening to my hunger and eating accordingly.

Yogalates x 30 minutes
Slow Burn (can’t wait to get my book!)

I am thoroughly enjoying my new Kelly Howell (Theatre of the Mind) meditations. I purchased 3 of them – slimming, healing & a mind/law of attraction one. I have been doing the healing one daily and the other two as I can fit them in. I can’t tell you how much more centered and peaceful I feel. Also, I think it’s helped me be more motivated and less inclined to procrastinate. I actually did yogalates today AND applied for a job!

I’ll be weighing, measuring and taking pictures on Wednesday. Although I’m still retaining fluid, and don’t know why, I am looking forward to Wednesday. I must remember my new motto though….”it is what it is” so that I don’t set myself up with high expectations and then feel disappointed. This way of eating is not a diet for me, although I still want to remove more fat. This is a lifestyle. I may need to make slight adjustments over time to maximize health but that is part of life.

My insomnia is getting a little better. I’ve actually been sleeping until about 4 or 4:30. What has changed? Well, I did an EFT session with a practitioner who is working to get her certification, I also put a drop of lavender oil on my thumb and do deep breathing as I’m falling to sleep, and I’ve started taking 500mg of magnesium at bedtime. Between the three of them, it seems to be helping.

Tonight I start my gratitude journal. It is part of my 2009 plan to each night record three things that I am grateful for. My life is great and I am so grateful.

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