6AM: Baybell cheese-20 gm
8AM: 2 scrambled eggs w/zucchini, spring onion & 1 oz feta cheese (YUM!), cappo
10AM: green tea
1:30PM: Baked chicken (approx 3 oz), raw red capsicum, coconut mcnugget
4PM: small can tuna in olive oil
7:30PM: grilled steak (approx 6 oz), lettuce-2 cups, Paul Newman dressing, fried zucchini

Carbs: 31-10= 21 Net carbs
Protein: 107gms
Calories: approx 1500

Dang, it’s hot today. It’s been hotter – but there is absolutely no sea breeze today to relieve the humidity.

Exercise: yogalates x 15 minutes. I really don’t like this form of exercise and I’ve decided I’m not going to do it anymore. 🙂 Just because I CAN and just because I have 2 DVDs & a book on the technique does not mean I need to keep doing it if I don’t like doing it. I’m over it. I just don’t think I get a good workout from it. It feels like a waste of time. I’m going to give my DVDs away or donate them to the library.

I did restart The Five Tibetan routine this morning. I’m going to do week 3 again-maybe go every other day rather than daily. Now this is a routine I really enjoy but it’s very hard on my wrists so I’m taking it slow and easy to develop strength and hopefully prevent injury. It’s the downward/upward dog/plank that causes me problems.

We did a quick trip to town so I stopped off at the gym and did a Slow Burn routine with some stretching and ab work thrown in for good measure. A beach walk this afternoon at low tide will finish off my movement for the day! It feels good to MOVE.