7AM: ground beef, 1 TBSP mayo
8:30AM: Cappo
10:30AM: Coconut McNugget, green tea
1PM: ground beef w/ hot sauce, steak, 1/2 raw red capsicum, chai tea w/1 TBSP cream, Coconut McNugget
5PM: HUNGRY AGAIN! Kipper snack, 1 baybell 20gm cheese
7:30PM: salad of lettuce, cherry tomato, dressing; grilled pork steak, blue & cheddar cheese, 3 water crackers, 2 glasses white wine

Exercise: beach walk

OK, what is going on here with my hunger the last few days? I’m looking back at my records and LOW AND BEHOLD, what do I discover? I started having hunger, mainly in the afternoons, when I stopped my sweet-free challenge. For most of November and all of December, I was not using Splenda. Once Christmas came and the challenge was over, and I hadn’t lost any weight from giving up the Splenda, I decided to start using it again. Why not, I thought to myself.

Well, here’s why not…..I’ve used it for about 5 days now, only 3-4 tablets total per day in my herbal tea. However, in the last 5 days, I have had the return of hunger AND the return of mild heartburn, not to mention swollen feet. Coincidence or causation? I’m thinking it’s causation. Splenda is back OFF my planet as of right now. I’d rather have a little less sweetness in my tea than have this fight with hunger and heartburn every afternoon. And who knows….maybe it’s the cause of my swollen feet even. Guess I’d better email my sister and tell her NOT to send the care package of Crystal Light to me. 🙂