6AM: 1 oz whipped cream cheese
8:30AM: ground beef & sausage mix, cappo
10:30AM: green tea WITHOUT Splenda
1:30PM: 5 chicken wings, 1 Tbsp butter, 1 stalk celery
3:30PM: ground beef & sausage mix, 1/2 red raw capsicum, 2 oz walnuts, coconut mcnugget
5:30PM: 1 glass champagne – Happy New Year!
7PM: grilled beef fillet, roasted veggies, 2 glasses red wine, Blue & cheddar cheese w/5 water crackers

No clue on carbs or calories and frankly, didn’t care at the time and refuse to feel poorly about it. It is what it is.

Another very HUNGRY day. Due to swimming or getting the Splenda out of my system? We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Felt a bit out of control with hunger this afternoon but decided to listen to it and just eat until I wasn’t hungry.

20 laps

I need something to be enthused about….boxing? yoga? kettlebells? I need to try something else – some new fitness ‘thing’. Something to get my engine roared up again. I remember when I was first learning to swim – about 2 years ago I couldn’t put my face in the water without panic. Now I can swim properly (no Ester Williams style swimming from this chick!) and 60 laps is no problem. I’m still not a fast swimmer and I could certainly be more proficient at it, and although I like swimming, it doesn’t enthuse me like it used to. I need to find a mission – a passion – something to push myself toward – some accomplishment but what is it? Or maybe it’s just time to get back into the ocean with my surf mat. The tourists will be gone in about 4 weeks……roll on the end of touro season! Leave your money and scidaddle!