6:30AM: 2 eggs scrambled in 1/2 T butter w/ 50 gms smoked salmon
8AM: cappo
10AM: coconut mcnugget
12PM: coconut mcnugget
1PM: 5 chicken wings w/ hot sauce, 3/4 raw red capsicum
3PM: HUNGRY. Stomach is rumbling. Not sure if it’s from swimming or if it’s real hunger. Plan to do a meditation and then if I’m STILL hungry, try a cup of herbal tea and then if I’m STILL hungry, I’ll eat something. Sometimes my stomach lies to me….go figure, eh? Plus, I really don’t like restricting my calories – but as I’ve said, it’s a test, it’s only a test and I want to hold as close to 1400-1600 calories per day for the month as I possibly can just to figure out if I truly need to drop my calories or not. Some days are easier than others. Those chicken wings with the skin really add up on the ol’ calorie counter…..
5PM: 50 gms smoked salmon
7:30PM: grilled steak (about 6 oz) & salad of lettuce, tomato, mushroom & dressing

Calories 1650
ECC 15

T5T (The Five Tibetans) – 2nd pass through week 3. I’m really enjoying this! My wrists are getting stronger and the pendulum process seemed much easier today.

OCEAN SWIM! OMG….it was fabulous. First time in this year. The water was great. The waves were 2-5 foot high. A bit of a rip running but we stayed out of it nicely. It felt so absolutely fabulous to be back in the water. I’ll be blowing up my surf mat later today in preparation for tomorrow’s swim!

Re-reading the book Thin Commandments and became aware of a food that needs to be ‘boxed in’ as in on the DANGER list. While sitting across the counter from Mr. W while he was eating his morning toast, it dawned on me that toast is a comfort food for me and I can easily do a 1/2 loaf of toast and not even know that I’ve consumed it. Watching him and smelling the toast this morning was a reminder that I need to keep the toast ‘boxed in’. Eating toast is not a safe place for me to go. And, although I felt a bit sad about it – it’s a small price to pay.