I’m posting this early ‘cuz I received an Amazon order yesterday and I can’t stay out of my new books! I’m lovin’ Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn book, and can’t wait to dive into The Coconut Oil Miracle and Trick and Treat! So much to learn….

6AM: 2 oz grilled salmon
8:30AM: coconut bark (coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa, pinch of Splenda), cappo
10:30AM: coconut bark
1PM: bbq chicken, 2 C roasted cauliflower, 1 Tbsp olive oil
4PM: Protein drink of protein powder, 2 ounce HWC, 1 Tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut bark
7:30PM: 6 oz lamb loin, roasted pumpkin

1400 Calories

I’m struggling to keep carbs below 20 and calories above 1300-1400 the last couple days. Just haven’t been hungry.

Protein Powder with yogurt was very good. Protein powder drink was ok also. Think I’ll have it over ice next time to make it a bit colder. Thanks for the hint on the shaker, Harry! I used a martini shaker and it worked perfectly.