6AM: 1/2 Tbsp coconut bark

7:30AM: Protein shake (1 scoop protein powder, 1 T unsweetened cocoa, 1 cup water, 1-2 oz cream, 1 Splenda) Another test. I wonder how long this will hold me? You’ll also note I added a Splenda packet. We’ll see how this plays out. Staying 100% away from ‘sweets’ isn’t easy or even something I really want to do. One thing I noticed yesterday when eating yogurt was how overly sweet it tasted. It was a full fat yogurt with low sugar so I’m thinking there must have been AS in it – will check the label next time. Not something that I think I’ll use often.

9:30AM: cappo, coconut McNugget
1PM: ground lamb (about 4-5 oz) w/ hot sauce, 1 Tbsp mayo, 1 large raw red capsicum

3PM: true stomach hunger or hunger pains because of using Splenda in protein shake this morning? Not sure. Will try green tea and re-evaluate in 30 minutes.

5PM: small can tuna in olive oil

6PM: Desire to eat but not hungry. Did EFT and sat down to read a book. Diversions work. Must stay on top of desire to eat when not hungry as that always gets me into trouble. Also experiencing heartburn – when will I learn? Splenda – back off the menu. Dang it.

7:30: grilled steak, salad of mushroom, tomato, lettuce & Paul Newman Dressing

Calories: 1500
ECC: 19

Editorial Comment: Leave the Obama girls alone for heavens sake. Can’t we just let them live the most normal life possible? I mean, PEOPLE….MEDIA PEOPLE especially…..MSNBC specifically…do I really need to know what their school menu is? Or what color their backpack is? For Pete’s sake……give us a frickin’ break…….. And Diane Sawyer? I’m ashamed for the level of excitement you had in your voice as you saw the SUV with the Obama girls in it – come on Diane……let’s do some serious reporting ok? Don’t wet yourself over a ‘sighting’ for crying out loud.