4:30AM – Today may be an eating day….I feel hungry already and it’s only 4:30AM. Have been awake since about 2:30. Got ready and was going to go to Body Balance class at 6AM but changed gears, grabbed my camera, stopped for a take-away tea and went and sat at the beach for an hour and contemplated the fuzz in my navel. I have an EFT call of ‘fix the parents’ in about 45 minutes and then I’m going to take a nap. I think I need some pampering today or at least to listen to my body.

8:30AM, I’m feeling ‘shaky’ – physically, emotionally and mentally.

12PM – If you’re hungry – EAT! I’m hungry. I don’t want to be – I really want to stick to my plan for the month with my slight calorie restriction – but I’m hungry so I’m going to eat. My choices….protein? fat? cheese? I thought about a spoonful of cream cheese – but ended up with a small can of tuna. I really don’t know which would be better but Dr. E says decrease cheese consumption if not losing fat so I chose tuna. Am I hungry today because of the Splenda yesterday? Based upon prior experience, that is probably the case.

2PM – an ‘aha’ moment….maybe I’m so hungry today because I’ve NOT been hungry the last couple days. I do think I’m experiencing PHYSICAL hunger today – not mental/emotional hunger. Oh, this mind/body awareness business can be SO confusing.

3PM – heartburn has returned. Maybe it’s NOT the Splenda. Maybe it’s the tunafish? All I know is that I don’t like heartburn.

5:30AM: Baybell cheese- 20 gm
7:30AM: ground lamb (approx 4 oz), 1 Tbsp mayo, cappo
10:30AM: Protein shake (1 scoop protein powder, 80gms coconut milk, 1 cup H2O), coconut McNugget
12PM: small can tuna in olive oil
1PM: 2 boiled eggs, 1 Tbsp mayo, 1 Tbsp bacon pieces, 2 oz ground lamb (feel full but not satisfied. Perhaps food is not to satisfy me today and I need to find another method of satisfaction? Go figure.)
5:30PM: raw red capsicum w/ cream cheese
7:30PM: roasted chicken & pumpkin, 1 inch cheese

Calories: 2100
Carbs: ECC 30