6AM: 2 oz ground lamb, 1 TBSP sour cream, 1 Coconut McNugget
8AM: cappo
10AM: green tea w/Splenda (Yes, I continue to dance with AS….one, two three….one, two three….will I get heartburn today….one, two three)
11:30AM: coconut mcnugget
1PM: roasted chicken, lettuce & spinach w/olive oil & vinegar
3PM: herbal tea w/Splenda tablet
5PM: vegetable broth
7:30PM: Pork steak, tomatoes w/basil, cream cheese & balsamic vinegar
8:30PM: herbal tea w/Splenda tablet

Carbs: ECC 16 (includes 3 Splenda carbs)
Calories: 1500

No heartburn today – even with Splenda. Wonder if it is the tuna as Lynn and Harry suspect? hmmmm…..

Have been working on an article all day today for a very tight deadline. I was hoping to have a final by the end of today but my creativity is at low level right now. I am sick of the computer and my eyes are shot. Time to make dinner and sit in front of the television for a few hours before heading to bed.

Tomorrow I need to go workout – not only because I haven’t done my second strength training session for the week but I simply need the stress release that I get from exercising. Once I do the final on the article, I will be heading to the gym. I’m thinking by noon.