6AM: 2 oz ground chicken
7AM: coconut mcnugget, green tea w/ 1 splenda
9AM: coconut mcnugget
1PM: Fried Chicken breast (6-7 oz), 1 stalk celery, peppermint/camomile tea w/ 1 splenda
5PM: 10 raw pea pods w/ 2 TBSP whipped cream cheese
7:30PM: 6 oz grilled steak, lettuce salad w/Paul Newman dressing, cherry tomato and basil

Calories: 1500
Carbs: ECC 12

Quiet day today. Blood pressure has been running low. Have successfully taken myself off the morning dose of Beta Blocker (without MD approval – oh my!). Two and 1/2 weeks until the end of the month. Am looking forward to seeing if by keeping carbs below 20 and calories 1400-1600 if I see any scale movement. I know scale movement doesn’t 100% correlate to fat removal – but it is ONE indication.