6AM: 3 oz chicken, 1/2 Tbsp mayo, Coconut Oil bark, green tea w/ 1 Splenda tablet
8:30AM: cappo
12PM: tea w/1 Splenda tablet, coconut oil bark
1PM: 3 oz grilled steak & bok choy stirfried in 1 Tbsp coconut oil
4:30PM: 7 snow peas w/ 2 Tbsp whipped cream cheese
7:30PM: 6 oz ground beef grilled in patties, 1 garlic & herb sausage, 8 cherry tomatoes in basil, olive oil & vinegar, 2 glasses white wine, 1/4 cup yogurt

Calories: 1800
Carbs: ECC 20

I’ve not been hungry today-until about 7pm. My macros are about 65/5/30 with about 100 grams of protein & 100 grams of fat most days.

My blood pressure has been running quite low at times during the day. My feet are swollen and retaining fluid. I wonder if there is a correlation?

I wonder if I’ve dropped some weight, or if it’s the VERY LOW CARB eating that is dropping my blood pressure so much? Or the EFT session that I had late last week? Or the regular healing meditation that I’ve been doing? Probably the combination of them all. In the meantime, I don’t like my feet being swollen. I’ve never really had swollen feet before and don’t know whether to be concerned or just let it ride out for the next 2 weeks until my MD appointment. I’ve sent an email to a nurse friend of mine asking for her opinion and I’ll do the same with my sisters.

Two & 1/2 weeks seems like a long time to wait to weigh. Then again, if I’m retaining fluid, the scale won’t indicate a weight loss.

Very hot and humid. (I’m suffering with you Erika!) The Southerly is to arrive by tomorrow night. Roll on Southerly! I read with horror the temperatures in the upper midwest of the USA and realize I have nothing to complain about.

Harry – thanks for your praise of my photography and your support! Sleep past 2:30-3AM continues to be a problem. When I wake up, I meditate for an hour or so and usually about 4AM I give up and get up. I did, however, have a lovely nap today. As I don’t have J-O-B to go to, I try not to stress over it and just sleep when it comes. I realize it’s a luxury that not everyone has.