5:00AM: coconut bark
7:30AM: 2 oz pork, cappo
11AM: Protein Shake (1 scoop protein powder, 1 T cocoa, 2 Splenda, water & ice – wish I had some coconut milk or cream to add into this!) Very hungry post Slow Burn workout.
1PM: 3 oz chicken, 1/2 T mayo, rocket & spinach
3PM: coconut bark
7:30PM: grilled steak (6 oz), salad w/ lettuce, tomato & dressing, 1 glass white wine

Calories: 1500
Carbs: 16 Net

Last nights dinner turned out well. I had 1/2 glass of champagne pre-dinner and then switched to water for the evening, using the designated driver card. Ordered a salad as my starter (which turned out to have a sweet fig dressing on it that was WAY too sweet for my tastebuds) and grilled snapper with fennel salad as my main (the potatoes were left on the plate). The group decided to forgo desserts and had cheese plates brought to the table so after a couple bites of gorgeous cheese, a fairly low carb meal was done and dusted! It was a late night though – we didn’t arrive home until midnight (oh my!).