7:30AM; protein Shake
8:30AM: cappo, 2 oz chicken, 1 Tbsp mayo
11:30AM: lemon tea, coconut bark
1PM: large salad w/ olive oil & vinegar, 3 oz pork
3:30PM: coconut bark
7:30PM: 3 small lamb chops, roasted pumpkin

Calories: 1400
Carbs: 16 Net

Had a Pepsi Max this afternoon and I am so surprised at how foul it tastes. Having been off sweets, except for a Splenda drop in my tea a couple times a day has changed my taste buds considerably. How strange is that? Mr. W will be finishing off this bottle and I won’t be buying it again for myself. This from a gal that 5 years or more ago was drinking Diet Coke in massive quantities daily. My how times change.

It has been a beautiful and cool day today. Spent time reading and doing a meditation. I love my life. I am grateful.