I’ve made the decision to stop posting my menu’s – at least for now. I’ve posted my menus consistently now for about 2 months and I feel the exercise has been successful but I don’t see the benefit to continuing it. My food intake doesn’t change that much and I truly am not convinced that it is pertinent to others. At this point, it seems more like a time-wasting task to be completed.

I must say it has been interesting watching/reviewing the other 10-15 people who have willingly posted their food intake over the last couple months. Some people have struggled to find a way of eating that works for them. Others have ignored what they know works for them in lieu of their cravings. Still others have followed the straight and narrow path and a few have branched out into more obscure methods of controlling their weight – searching for something/anything that works.

I have found it educational (and sometimes very frustrating) to ‘experience’ through the eyes of another the search for freedom from fat and food obsession. My heart is with each of them, as I’ve been there and I AM there, and I hope each of them finds what works for them.

Although I won’t be updating this particular blog, I will continue to post to my main blog of and welcome you there!

On a totally unrelated note, I am pursuing a home-based business of proof editing and copy editing. If you have any information about doing this type of work, I would love to hear from you. One of the specific areas I’m working on during the month of February is to gain experience. So, if you have an e-book, web site copy or document that you are working on and would like to have 10-15 pages of it reviewed with a critical eye (for f.r.e.e.), please shoot me off an email at sybilizedliving at gmail dot com and we can chat about it. All I ask in return is to list you on my resume.

Cheers to all!