I was awake last night about 3AM and feeling hunger pangs. I didn’t get up or eat anything but it was interesting to lie there and experience the hunger. Actual hunger pangs are something that I’ve avoided my entire life – which is probably a major contributor to why I ultimately reached 300 pounds. For whatever reason, I have a negative association with hunger. I don’t like to ‘ride it out’. I think most people with normal relationships with food (are there still a few out there?) don’t have issues with being hungry or feeling those hunger pangs. They probably just recognize them and go past them. That’s what I’m trying to do – but it’s a hard habit to relearn.

Because of my schedule today it seems like I have been eating ALL day. I was picked up to go to a movie at about 10:45, movie wasn’t over until 1:30. I had planned ahead and put 11 macadamia nuts (1 oz) into a baggie to have during the movie with my water. Afterwards the girls wanted to either ‘do lunch’ or coffee. I didn’t want to have another cappo and tea wasn’t an option so I went with a fresh squeezed juice, which added little to my protein but quite a bit to my carb content. I’m not hungry, which I’m grateful for. I think I’ll be coming in within my ranges for the 2nd day. So far, so good!

This is what I’m shooting for:

Protein: 69g
Fat: 121-164g
Net carbs: 34-55g
Minimum caloric intake: 1501
Maximum caloric intake: 1972

And this is what I ended up with:
Protein: 66 g
Fat: 146g
Net carbs: 38
Calories: 1781

Food Breakdown:
6AM: coconut mcnugget
7:30AM: chai tea, 2 splenda tablets, 2.5 oz coconut milk
9:30AM: cappuccino (1/2 cup whole milk)
10:30AM: peppermint tea, 2 splenda tablets, 1.25 oz coconut milk, coconut mcnugget
12PM – 1 oz macadamia nuts at movies
1:30PM-fresh vegetable juice of beetroot, celery and apple
4PM – 75 gms chicken thigh, 1TBSP mayo
7:30PM: 4 oz lamb loin roasted, 1 cup roasted pumpkin, 1/2 roasted red capsicum, 2 TBSP olive oil