Mascarpone – oh, where have you been all my life? HIgh fat, low protein, excellent flavor. It’s time to find some recipes to use this delightful food. Today I had it simple – on raw snowpea pods – with a little bit of cajun spice. It will be interesting to see if it ‘holds’ me until lunchtime or not. (It HELD!)

That’s two days in a row I’ve ‘discovered’ new foods that will fit in well with this higher fat eating plan. My only concern is that the preponderance of my fat calories are from saturated fat. I know saturated fat in and of itself is not BAD, but is too much of a good thing too much? I know one thing is for sure about increasing the amount of fat I am eating….I am SO not hungry. I’m actually feeling a bit TOO full this afternoon.

I still miss having more protein but not in a ‘hungry’ sort of way – just in a ‘habit’ sort of way. And, I find that I have a hard time reaching my carb range because everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – has some little bit of protein in it. My Dr. K mentor (Captain L) warned me about this very thing happening. For example, in order to get my carb content up today, I would have to go over my protein goal. Since I’m having 5 veggie servings today, I’m not real concerned about not reaching my carb range but it’s interesting to note that any carb food also has protein in it. Oh, the things you learn when you are ‘anal’ and tracking this sort of thing!

Lots of talk in blogsphere about artificial sweetners lately. You’ll see I use about 6-8 Splenda tablets per day – primarily in my tea. I’ve done a test (the notorious SWEET FREE CHALLENGE) on whether it inhibits my scale loss or not and it didn’t. I’ve tried Stevia and found it lacking. Everyone has their opinion. I waver back and forth. For now, it’s not up for debate. No guarantees about tomorrow though!

This is what I’m shooting for:
Protein: 69g
Fat: 121-164g
Net carbs: 34-55g
Minimum caloric intake: 1501
Maximum caloric intake: 1972

And this is what I ended up with:
Protein: 69 (17%)
Fat: 137 (74%)
Net carbs: 28 (9%)
Alcohol: 0%
Calories: 1694

Food Breakdown:
6AM: coconut mcnugget (1 TBSP coconut oil), peppermint & camomile tea w/splenda tabs

8AM: 10 snow peas (raw), 50gm mascarpone cheese, cappuccino (1/2 cup whole milk)

12PM: Chai tea w/ 2 splenda and 1.5 oz coconut milk

1PM: 101 gms fresh peeled king prawns, stirfry broccoli (2 cups) w/ 2 TBSP butter, coconut mcnugget

5PM: peppermint tea w/2 splenda & 1.5 oz coconut milk

7:30PM: 100 gms fresh salmon grilled w/ 1 TBSP olive oil, 2 cups salad, 4 cherry tomato, 1 oz Paul Newman dressing, chai tea w/ 2 splenda & 1.5 oz coconut milk