I had an idea today…..I’m going to pick up some 3×5 index cards this week and use them as ‘menu cards’. Sometimes I make something or I see an item or recipe on someone’s blog that looks good but I typically forget about it when I’m at the grocery store. If I had a stack of 3×5 cards next to the computer, I could just jot down the recipe or idea (like Harry’s tomato boats!) and on the days I go to the market, glance through them for menu ideas.

I’ve been having heartburn the last couple days. I was trying to shift from coconut milk to cream. I’ve had heartburn in the past from cream so I think I’m just going to have to give up on it. It’s not worth the discomfort.

This is what I’m shooting for:
2nd month guidelines:
Protein: 46-57g
Fat: 137-194g
Net carbs: 34-46g
Minimum caloric intake: 1553
Maximum caloric intake: 2158

And this is what I ended up with:
Protein: 53 (12%)
Fat: 149 (77%)
Net carbs: 32 (10%)
Alcohol: 0
Calories: 1720

Food Breakdown:
6AM: tea w/ 2 splenda, 2 ryvita crackers w/ butter & vegemite, 1 mcnugget

(ahhhh….vegemite…nectar to the gods! I think I’m the only non-Australian to love the salty, black, yeasty spread!)

9AM: cappuccino (1/2 cup whole milk)

11AM: tea w/ 2 splenda & 1 oz cream

2PM: 2 cups roasted cauliflower w/ 2TBSP olive oil and garlic/chili spice

4PM: 1 oz macadamia nuts, 1 stalk celery, 2 tbsp whipped cream cheese

7:30PM: 3 oz grilled beef fillet, iceberg lettuce wedge w/ 4 cherry tomato, 1 TBSP bacon & blue cheese dressing, 1/2 cup roasted pumpkin