2nd month guidelines:
Protein: 46-57g
Fat: 137-194g
Net carbs: 34-46g
Minimum caloric intake: 1553
Maximum caloric intake: 2158

And this is what I ended up with:
Protein: 54 (13%)
Fat: 155 (79%)
Net carbs: 29 (8%)
Alcohol: 0
Calories: 1764

Food Breakdown:
6AM: 1 mcnugget
7:30AM: 1 slice sour dough bread, 1 egg, 2 TBSP butter, 1 cappuccino (1/2 cup whole milk)

FIrst time I’ve had a slice of bread in over a year. It was a small piece, a low-carb variety and it was very tasty with my fried egg. Bread has been a binge food for me in the past so I’m proceeding with caution.

12:30PM: iceberg lettuce, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 TBSP bacon bits, 2 oz blue cheese dressing (sour cream, mayo, blue cheese (1 oz)), 1 cup raw cauliflower, 1 mcnugget

5:30PM: 50 gm mascarpone, 1 raw red pepper

7PM: 3 oz T-bone steak, cos lettuce w/homemade caesar dressing