Cold Turkey on breath mints starting today. I’ve started to eat too many of them.

Random Number Generator has moved slightly downward – it appears as if the 2 kilos UP I was last week is gone – hard to tell for sure on this old scale though. I will follow this Dr. K plan for another month and then make the decision on whether it is for me or not. I am about to the point of stopping all efforts to lose weight and just live my life at the weight I am at. (All you meat and water people can just keep your traps shut – I’m not interested.)

This is what I’m shooting for:

And this is what I ended up with:
Protein: 49 (12%)
Fat: 137 (73%)
Net carbs: 52 (14%)
Alcohol: 0
Calories: 1658

Food Breakdown:
6AM: 75 gms blackberries, 60 gms mascarpone, 90 gms greek yogurt
8AM: cappuccino
9:30AM: cappuccino, coconut mcnugget
1PM: lamb shank & veggie soup
3:30PM: jello w/whipped cream, chicken broth
5:30PM: 1 oz madadamia nuts
7:30PM: 3 rice cakes w/butter & vegemite, 2 oz lamb

Two week averages:
Calories: 1765
Fat: 144.5 (74%)
Carb: 54-12=42 Net (12%)
Protein: 53 (12%)
Alcohol: 4 (2%)

Four week averages:
Calories: 1761
Fat: 144 (74%)
Carb: 52-13=39 Net (11%)
Protein: 56 (13%)
Alcohol: 5 (2%)